Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barbie doll : Pink, Silver, Gold and Platinum Label

Barbie dolls collectibles have become an international phenomenon. They have been featured in various magazine, newsletter, club and convention for over four decade. Collecting Barbie dolls can be a lot of fun. Barbie doll has developed from a teenage fashion dolls into a trend-setter, fashion adventurer and become the most collectible doll in the world. For maintain their success and basBarbie dolls labele on input from Barbie Collector Advisory Panel, dolls dealers and collector interaction on convention Barbie Collectibles has formally announced the new changes for collectible Barbie dolls. New packaging is on the way as well as as the limited philosophy for the Barbie dolls. And also Mattel has changed the description for Barbie collecting line from “Collectible” to “Collector” Barbie dolls. Another major change will be on the Barbie dolls from “Collector Edition” or “Limited Edition” become four tiered structure which will organize the collecting of the Barbie doll during the release process. This change makes good sense, and will help all collectors be on the "same page" when they purchase a doll. The Barbie Collectibles staff explain “our new label colors are our way of segmenting our collectible dolls and communicating to you where they might be found”

1. The Pink Label
The fiBarbie dollsrst tier is Pink. Pink Label Barbie dolls packaging is a box with a clear front trimmed in pink, which makes a nice display for NRFB (never removed from box) dolls.. The Pink Label dolls will not be limited in production numbers. And this can be make the Barbie considered not a special Barbie dolls because can be purchaced at Walmart or Target and does not make the ‘hunt’ for this Barbie dolls as difficult. These suitable for the beginner collector and gives them a chance to start Barbie dolls collecting. The Pink Label will includes Barbie dolls The Princess Collection, 2008 holiday Barbie dolls

2. The Silver Label
The Silver Label Barbie doll is limited to no more than 50,000 pieces created wBarbie dollorldwide, and packaged in a silver-trimmed "reveal" package, known as a "new version of the "cake box package," which features a closed box with a beautiful doll photo or other artwork on the cover, ideal for NRFB collectors. The silver tier Barbie dolls includes the Queen of Hearth Barbie, Flintstone Wilma and Betty Barbie dolls

3. The Gold Label
Next, ThBarbie dollse Gold Label tier is limited to no more than 25,000 pieces created worldwide, so when collecting this dolls you know that there are very few out there and you definetly have something special. Gold Label Barbie dolls come in a "cake box" type package just like the Silver Label Barbie dolls, complete with the acetate layer to protect the dolls and the easel-style display packaging, and with the artistic interpretive photography or other artwork on the gold-trimmed packaging lid and back. Gold Label Barbie dolls includes Ferrari Barbie doll, Campus Sweethearth Barbie dolls. You can find Gold Label Barbie dolls at authorized Barbie doll dealers as well as at fine retailers.

4. The Platinum Label
The last tier isBarbie doll the very limited Platinum Label Barbie dolls. These dolls are produced in editions of less than 1,000 worldwide that why the price can be very expensive like example I love Lucy Ethel Mertz Santa Barbie Platinum label at amazon market the price until $1749, so you can imagine the value of Barbie dolls right now from the price $3 for the first Barbie doll now become more than $ 1000 for some of Platinum label Barbie dolls.

The transition from Collector and Limited editions to the new tier will transition slowly throughout 2004 and by 2005, all Barbie dolls will be classifed using the Pink Label, Silver Label, Gold Label, or Platinum Label designations.


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silent storm said...

I'm 31 yet whenever I go to toy stores, I still get mesmerized by barbie dolls, especially considering how they look now plus all the accessories they come with!

This is a cool blog :)

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I agree with silent storm. I still feel a want of barbie girls.
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