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Barbie Games : Barbie As Rapunzel

Barbie Games Barbie as Rapunzel

The background for this Barbie games is on the Masquerade Ball, time for all of the kingdom's people to get together and celebrate what they are thankful for. The favorite day of the year because of all the beautiful masks, gowns, make-up and decorations. But when an Gothel evil spell has cursed her kingdom and her beloved Prince Stefan with scatter the gems from Price Stefan’s royal crown throughout the castle and garden, the worst of all it’s turn the Prince to stone and hides him deep in the Garden Maze. Instead of Rapunzel being rescued by a prince, in this Barbie games, Rapunzel and her purple dragon friend Penelope rescues the prince charming. Barbie Rapunzel seeks the players' help in redecorating the castle in time for the mBarbie Games Barbie as Rapunzelasquerade ball and find missing magic gems to restore the prince.

Using Magic Paints Box, animated stickers and sparkles, girls will redecorate all of the castle's rooms including the Ball Room, Royal Gardens, Grand Entrance and more through a drag-and-drop interface where various objects and materials are dragged to the place you want them to go.Barbie Games Barbie as Rapunzel

The evil spell is broken once the castle rooms are transformed, the hidden gems are found and Prince Stefan is brought back to life. Finally, girls help Rapunzel dress for the Masquerade Ball, escorting her to the enchanting event for a "happily ever after."

The 8 magical adventures games in this Barbie games are :

Magical Mosaics - Make a colorful mosaic for the GrBarbie Games Barbie as Rapunzeland Foyer

Design a Throne - Design new thrones for Rapunzel and Prince Stefan

Rugs of Royalty - Craft an amazing rug design for the dining room

Magical Masquerade - Fashion Rapunzel's mask for the Masquerade Ball

Princess Paintings - Create stunning animated paintings

Flower Fantasy - Produce beautiful flowers and plant them in the Royal GardenBarbie Games Barbie as Rapunzel

Princess Dress-up - Help Rapunzel dress for the Masquerade Ball

Garden Maze - Guide Rapunzel through the maze to bring the prince back to lifeBarbie Games

In addition to the active play mode, there's a passive storybook mode. This Barbie games teaches early reading skills to young children.

System Requirements for this Barbie Games : Windows® 98/2000/ME/XP Pentium® 266 MHz or faster; 16X CD-ROM Drive; 175 MB hard drive space; 64 MB RAM; 16 bit color; 640x480 resolution; Windows® compatible sound card; QuickTime® 5.0.2; mouse

Publisher : Vivendi Universal Games

Released : 15 Nov 2002

Barbie Games Barbie as Rapunzel


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