Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barbie doll : Barbie dolls ID (II)

Another Barbie dolls Identification:

1963 Fashion Queen Barbie

1963 Fashion Queen Barbie

Molded painted head, blue cellophane band on head, 3 wigs on wig stand, one piece gold and white striped swimsuit and head scarf.

Includes Midge 1962/Barbie 1958 markings on hip of lower back

Barbie dolls Midge 19631963 Midge

Blonde, Brunette or Red flip with bangs hairdo.

1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, straight legs, freckles, two piece swimsuit color coordinated depending on hair color.

Midge 1962/Barbie 1958 markings on hip of lower back.

 Barbie doll American Girl 19651965 Barbie(American Girl)

Brunette, Blonde, or Redhead

1965, 1966, 1967 all similar with variations in hair colors, hair length, & lips colors, one piece multicolor striped top and solid teal bottom. 1958 Mattel, Inc. US Patented US Pat Pend, later issues Made in Japan.

Barbie doll Francie 1966

1966 Francie Straight leg

1966, 1967, 1968, Blonde or brunette long straight hair with bangs, painted eyelashes, brown eyes, straight legs, 2 piece red & white swimsuit. Made in Japan

Barbie doll Twiggy 1967

1967 Twiggy

1967, 1968 blonde short hair, rooted eyelashes, heavy painted lower lashes and makeup, rooted upper eyelashes, blue eyes, twist waist, bendable legs, yellow striped mini dress, boots. Made in Japan

Barbie dolls Twist Stacey 1968

1968 Twist Stacey

Blonde or Redhead long straight hair tied back into tail with red ribbon, spitcurls at ears and forehead, rooted eyelashes, blue eyes, molded teeth, bendable legs, twist waist, red one piece swimsuit. Made in Japan

Barbie doll Talking Julia 1969

1969 Talking Julia

Straight short dark brown hair, rooted eyelashes, brown eyes, bendable knees, pull string in back torso for talker, gold & silver jumpsuit. Made in Mexico

Resources : Barbie & Friend ID guide by Denise Davidson (

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barbie doll : Barbie dolls ID (I)

This Barbie doll identification guide is intended to be used as a QUICK REFERENCE guide only. It includes a sampling of the many Barbie dolls and family made by Mattel before 1976. The photographs include close up head shots, so you may identify your Barbie doll is and approximately what year she was manufactured.

In most cases, the Barbie doll name, hair colors, eye color, original outfit and country of manufacture are given. This is not include all of the markings available on each Barbie doll, since the year on the back of the doll is the date of patent/copyright registration, NOT the year of manufacture. This is the most confusing issue to anyone trying to identify the year their Barbie doll was made. The following is a list of countries in which dolls were typically manufactured for those years:

* 1959 - 1972 ..Japan

* 1968 - 1970, 1989 - 1990 ..Mexico

* 1970 - 1987 ..Hong Kong

* 1970 - 1987 .. Taiwan

* 1973 - 1978 ..Korea

* 1978 - 1988 ..Philippines

* 1986 to present ..China

* 1986 to present ..Malaysia

* 1992 to present ..Indonesia

Below the identification of some Barbie dolls:

1959 Barbie

Barbie doll 1959Brunette or Blonde Ponytail

White Irises, Pointed eyebrows, Round holes in feet with metal cylinders for posing stand, red lips,black & white striped swimsuit, solid vinyl body, body often fades to white.

Includes Roman Numeral markings on hip of lower back Barbie doll.

1960 Barbie

Barbie doll 1960

Brunette or Blonde Ponytail

Blue irises, curved eyebrows, most have brown/rose eyeliner & some have blue eyeliner, red lips, black & white striped swimsuit, solid vinyl body, body often fades to white.

Includes Roman Numeral markings on hip of lower back barbie doll

Resources : Barbie & Friend ID guide by Denise Davidson (

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barbie dolls Vs Bratz dolls

Barbie doll History

Barbie was launched in 1958 made by Mattel inc, Ruth Handler is regarded as Barbies original creator. The Barbie doll was then named after her daughter Barbara. The Barbie Doll made its debut in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. For complete story you can read Barbie History

Bratz doll History

Bratz was launched in June 2001, Bratz was created by Carter Bryant an ex-employee of Mattel made by MGA Entertaiment inc. In the first 5 years Bratz went on to sell 2 Billion Bratz Products. A toy analyst in 2006 indicated that Bratz had taken a 40% share of the fashion doll market, leaving Barbie with the other 60%.

Mattel claims that since the Bratz were launched in 2001, Larian has hired away at least 25 of its employees. Mattel first sued doll designer Carter Bryant in 2004, claiming he created the Bratz while working for them. Larian countersued, alleging that the world's largest toymaker copied the Bratz look when it subsequently overhauled Barbie doll

Mattel says all Bratz models infringe by using the original head and face 'sculpt' from drawings found by the jury to belong to Mattel. 'Future damages' weren't sought in the earlier phases of the trial.

Mattel convinced the jury the Bratz name and characters were conceived by a staff designer, Carter Bryant, who took his work to Van Nuys, California-based MGA while still at Mattel.

In September, MGA's majority owner, Isaac Larian, rejected sharing Bratz revenue with Mattel as a way to settle the dispute.

Mattel inc after a four-year legal dispute with MGA Entertainment Inc., touted its win in the case on 3 Dec 2008 after a federal judge banned MGA from making and selling Bratz dolls

U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson allowed MGA to wait until the holiday season ends to remove the toys from store shelves but MGA must immediately stop manufacturing Bratz.

MGA planned to immediately appeal the judge's injunction, Chief Executive Isaac Larian said in a written statement. So we just wait the final decision for this.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No.1 Hot Toys 2008 : Barbie doll

Barbie dolls logo

Top toys survey from The National Retail Federation's 2008 said that Rank No.1 on the list of hot toys for holidays was Barbie dolls for girls and video games for boys. Barbie doll tops the National Retail Federation's list of the top gifts parents are buying their daughters this year, as she has since 2004. Barbie doll, the fashion doll introduced in 1959, has remained an icon and the kind of girl young ladies want to dress up and parade around the dream house. She also represents a resurgence in popularity of classic toys. In what could be the worst holiday shopping season for retailers in decades because of financial crisis, there’s one thing that’s still sure to sell: Barbie dolls.

It’s the old standby from Mattel that debuted nearly 50 years ago that has made the top of this year’s top toys for girls list while Hannah Montana and High School Musical of Disney fame rank second and eighth respectively on the top of the toy list this year, so again my favorite Barbie doll still No.1 gift parents are buying for their girls on this Christmas.

Monday, December 1, 2008

50th Birthday of Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls Logo

Much more than a doll, Barbie doll continues to be a symbol of cultural relevance, continually evolving with women and girls of all ages. Next year 2009 our favourite doll is celebrating her 50th Birthday party and is doing so in true style. To celebrate the big day, Mattel which makes Barbie dolls, have revealed their fashionable plans for the Barbie doll. Mattel will develop the label with designers Jeremy Scott and Vera Wang complete with a cosmetics range and a glamorous catwalk show at New York fashion week in February .

Vera Wang is creating a wedding gown for the Barbie doll special birthday collection, while Jeremy Scott has designed a high-end capsule wardrobe. The 50th birthday of Barbie doll will celebrate with gorgeous and glamorous party, so don’t miss it.

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie !!!