Friday, November 7, 2008

Barbie Movie : Barbie Mariposa (2008)

Barbie Mariposa

Director : Conrad Helten

Writer : Elise Allen (written by)

Release Date : 26 February 2008 (USA)


Alistair Abell … Lord Gastrous (voice)

Kathleen Barr … Rayna (voice)

Alessandro Juliani … Prince Carlos (voice)

David Kaye … Royal Guard (voice)

Terry Klassen … Skeezite #1

Erin Mathews … Rayla (voice)

Nicole Oliver … Henna (voice)

Kelly Sheridan … Elina (voice)

Tabitha St. Germain … Willa / Coral / Plutterpixie (voice)

Lee Tockar … Bibble / Skeezite #2

Cathy Weseluck … Zinzie / Dizzle / Fairy Speck (voice)

Chiara Zanni … Mariposa (voice)

In this Barbie movie Elina, heroine of the Fairytopia films tells her friend Bibble the story of Flutterfield, a faraway kingdom populated by fairies with butterfly wings. Flutterfield is protected by the Queen's gBarbie Movie Barbie Mariposalimmering magical flower lights, but when the Queen is poisoned by the evil fairy Henna, the special lights begin to go out one by one. These lights protect Flutterfield from the "Skeezites", monsters who eat butterfly fairies, and are connected to the life of Flutterfield's Queen Marabella. Because of that Mariposa, beautiful butterfly fairy who loves to read and dream about the world outside of FlutterBarbie movie Barbie Mariposafield with some unlikely help from her attitude-laden employers Rayna and Rayla as well as her friend Willa and a little bunny fairy named Zinzie, must bravely confront her own self-doubt as well as the Skeezites and other dangers in order to save Flutterfield and its Queen

Mariposa, translates to 'Butterfly' in Spanish is shown the bearer of a character very different from most of the other butterfly fairies of Flutterfield. While the rest of the land is happy to forget the world outside the last light of Flutterfield, Mariposa loves to imagine the wide world she has not seen

Throughout the journey to find the antidote required to save the Queen, Mariposa displaBarbie Movie Barbie Mariposays sensibility and knowledge.When they are faced by Skezites, she comes up with the brilliant plan of carrying flowers over their heads, so that the Skezites smell these instead of the three butterfly fairies.

Mariposa has a very special relationship with Prince Carlos - the Queen's son and heir to the throne - during the movie. They share a number of interests and, in their first meeting, find that they have been reading and enjoying the same book.

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