Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to collect Barbie dolls

Some idea for determine how to collect Barbie dolls

In recent years Mattel has sold a wide range of Barbie, you have a lot of choices for Barbie dolls but in the other side that can make you confuse to build a wonderful Barbie collection. Here are a few idea you can use for determining your Barbie collection.

1. Collecting Barbie doll by ThemesBarbie Doll

The first idea is to base your collection on a theme.

Popular theme for Barbie dolls includes

  • Movie : Barbie and the Diamond Castle, Batman, James Bond
  • Celebrity Barbie : Barbie as I Love Lucy
  • Vintage Reproduction
  • Historical
  • Barbie Holiday
  • Barbie Princess

2. Collecting BarbBarbie Dollsie doll by Label

Pink label : Holiday Barbie Dolls 2008

Silver label : Super Girl Barbie Doll

Gold label : Campus Sweethearth Fashion Barbie Doll

Platinum label : I Love Lucy Ethel Mertz Santa

3. Collecting Barbie doll with or without box

Most collector who collect Barbie dolls collect boxed Barbies because a collectible doll that never been removed from it’s box (NRFB) is sometimes more value than a Barbie dolls that has. But you must consider also the display space you’ll save.

Barbie Doll

4. Collecting Barbie Fashion doll

Actually this is same as idea no 1 but now we only collecting the fashion theme Barbie Dolls. Fashion-themed dolls include dolls made to represent a designer or model like Christian Dior Barbie, Vera Wang, Nolan Miller Barbie, Kimora Lee Simmons.

5. Collecting Barbie by Hair model or color.

We can build our Barbie dolls collection based on something siBarbie dollmple such as hair color or hair model. There are Blonde Barbie dolls, Brunnete Barbie dolls, Ponytail Barbie dolls.

These idea only the small idea of possibilities for Barbie dolls collecting. Maybe you have your own a unique way that you collect Barbie dolls.

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