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Barbie Games : Barbie and The Magic Pegasus

Barbie Games Barbie and the Magic PegasusThe story of this Barbie games begins in The Cloud Kingdom, where Barbie as Princess Annika and her family reign. Princess Annika's parents has been turned to stone by the evil wizard Wenlock. To break the spell, Princess Annika goes on a quest to forge a powerful Wand of Light which involves finding three things: a measure of courage, a ring of love, and a gem of ice. Joined by Brietta the Pegasus and her pet Shiver an adorable little polar bear cub, Annika ventures into the Forbidden Forest, flies to mountaintop glaciers, and explores ice caverns to find the items needed to create the Wand of Light. Barbie Games

Same as Barbie Games Rapunzel in this games Annika is periodically stymied by logic puzzles (including mazes, jigsaw puzzles, and matching tiles) the player must solve, but before really getting in to the adventure first you must find Shiver, Barbie's polar bear cub sidekick andBarbie Games Barbie and the Magic Pegasus practice jumping, flying and ice skating.

The first puzzle is in the Forbidden Forest a dark and scary place. Here the first puzzle is a matching game that is relatively complex. Another puzzle in this chapter is like a computerized jigsaw puzzle.

The most innovative puzzle in this Barbie games appears when Annika needs to traverse the kitchen table of a sleeping giant. Players must think about the colossal food items as tools and recognize that Annika can scramble up giant carrots to cross planks and use stacked bread slices as stairs

Overall, this Barbie games are quite easy and appropriate for children ages 5-6 and perhaps 7.

Barbie Games Barbie and the Magic PegasusSystem requirement :

Pentium®III(or equivalent) 450 MHz or faster; 300 MB hard drive space 24X speed CD-ROM drive; 128 MB RAM; 16-bit color @ 800X600 resolution; DirectX® 9.0 or highter; 32 MB 3D video card with DirectX® 9.0 or higher compatible driver; DirectX®-compatible sound card

Publisher : Vivendi Universal Games

Released : 20 Sept 2005


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