Friday, November 7, 2008

Barbie Movie : Barbie and The Diamond Castle (2008)

Barbie movie Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Director : Gino Nichele

Writers : Elana Lesser (screenwriter)

Cliff Rubby (Screenwriter)

Release Date : 9 September 2008 (USA)

Cast : Kelly Sheridan …….. Barbie / Liana (voice)

Melissa Lyons …..... Barbie / Liana (singing song)

Cassidy Ladden …... Teresa / Alexa (voice)

Chantal Strand ……..Stacie (voice)

Maryke Hendrikse …Melody (voice)

Lara Janine ……….. Melody (singing song)

The story in this Barbie movie is about Liana and Alexa, two best friends who shared everything including their love of music. One day their simple lives change when they are given an enchanted mirror. As they clean the mirror and sing, a musical muse named Melody appears in the mirror's surface. Melody tells the girls about the secret of the Diamond Castle, which is the home of all music, and whBarbie and The Diamond Castleere three musical muses once resided until one evil muse, Lydia, tried to take the castle for herself. Sh

e failed, but turned the other muses to stone. To save their new friend Melody from the mirror, Liana and Alexa embark on a dangerous journey to the hidden Diamond Castle first to get the other muses instruments to free the two other muses and to banish Lydia. That journey will put their friendship to the test. Along their way, Liana and Alexa find two puppies and decide to keep them and they also make new friends including two identical twin brothers Jeremy and Ian, who also have a love of music, through the power of song and with the companionship of two adorable puppies, the girls face their challenges together and learn that friendship is the true treasure.

Barbie and The Diamond Castle

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