Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barbie dolls Vs Bratz dolls

Barbie doll History

Barbie was launched in 1958 made by Mattel inc, Ruth Handler is regarded as Barbies original creator. The Barbie doll was then named after her daughter Barbara. The Barbie Doll made its debut in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. For complete story you can read Barbie History

Bratz doll History

Bratz was launched in June 2001, Bratz was created by Carter Bryant an ex-employee of Mattel made by MGA Entertaiment inc. In the first 5 years Bratz went on to sell 2 Billion Bratz Products. A toy analyst in 2006 indicated that Bratz had taken a 40% share of the fashion doll market, leaving Barbie with the other 60%.

Mattel claims that since the Bratz were launched in 2001, Larian has hired away at least 25 of its employees. Mattel first sued doll designer Carter Bryant in 2004, claiming he created the Bratz while working for them. Larian countersued, alleging that the world's largest toymaker copied the Bratz look when it subsequently overhauled Barbie doll

Mattel says all Bratz models infringe by using the original head and face 'sculpt' from drawings found by the jury to belong to Mattel. 'Future damages' weren't sought in the earlier phases of the trial.

Mattel convinced the jury the Bratz name and characters were conceived by a staff designer, Carter Bryant, who took his work to Van Nuys, California-based MGA while still at Mattel.

In September, MGA's majority owner, Isaac Larian, rejected sharing Bratz revenue with Mattel as a way to settle the dispute.

Mattel inc after a four-year legal dispute with MGA Entertainment Inc., touted its win in the case on 3 Dec 2008 after a federal judge banned MGA from making and selling Bratz dolls

U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson allowed MGA to wait until the holiday season ends to remove the toys from store shelves but MGA must immediately stop manufacturing Bratz.

MGA planned to immediately appeal the judge's injunction, Chief Executive Isaac Larian said in a written statement. So we just wait the final decision for this.


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bratz dolls will end up becoming collectors items.

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