Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barbie doll : Barbie dolls ID (II)

Another Barbie dolls Identification:

1963 Fashion Queen Barbie

1963 Fashion Queen Barbie

Molded painted head, blue cellophane band on head, 3 wigs on wig stand, one piece gold and white striped swimsuit and head scarf.

Includes Midge 1962/Barbie 1958 markings on hip of lower back

Barbie dolls Midge 19631963 Midge

Blonde, Brunette or Red flip with bangs hairdo.

1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, straight legs, freckles, two piece swimsuit color coordinated depending on hair color.

Midge 1962/Barbie 1958 markings on hip of lower back.

 Barbie doll American Girl 19651965 Barbie(American Girl)

Brunette, Blonde, or Redhead

1965, 1966, 1967 all similar with variations in hair colors, hair length, & lips colors, one piece multicolor striped top and solid teal bottom. 1958 Mattel, Inc. US Patented US Pat Pend, later issues Made in Japan.

Barbie doll Francie 1966

1966 Francie Straight leg

1966, 1967, 1968, Blonde or brunette long straight hair with bangs, painted eyelashes, brown eyes, straight legs, 2 piece red & white swimsuit. Made in Japan

Barbie doll Twiggy 1967

1967 Twiggy

1967, 1968 blonde short hair, rooted eyelashes, heavy painted lower lashes and makeup, rooted upper eyelashes, blue eyes, twist waist, bendable legs, yellow striped mini dress, boots. Made in Japan

Barbie dolls Twist Stacey 1968

1968 Twist Stacey

Blonde or Redhead long straight hair tied back into tail with red ribbon, spitcurls at ears and forehead, rooted eyelashes, blue eyes, molded teeth, bendable legs, twist waist, red one piece swimsuit. Made in Japan

Barbie doll Talking Julia 1969

1969 Talking Julia

Straight short dark brown hair, rooted eyelashes, brown eyes, bendable knees, pull string in back torso for talker, gold & silver jumpsuit. Made in Mexico

Resources : Barbie & Friend ID guide by Denise Davidson (


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Anonymous said...

i have a doll exactly like the straight leg midge doll 1963 but she has brown eyes looking to her left blonde hair with bangs faint freckles flat chested and footed and she has a 5 on the left side of her butt and c1963 mattel, inc on the right side anyone know who this might be?